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Caffeine & Super Hero’s… What?

on September 11, 2012

So… another blog.

Blogs are a dime a dozen these days, I know.  Another one?  *sigh*  I can barely keep up with the 7, 349, 226 blogs I follow as it is.

BUT… there it was.  An invitation to “like” my friend’s new blog page on facebook. She is a friend, I figured I better take a look… Oh, You want to look too? Nope. You gotta read my blog first. (Don’t worry, it’s a short one).

I click on the facebook page & take a peek… a heavily caffeinated mommy, exhausted daddy and autism boy…interesting. With super powers… intriguing. I click on the link to her actual blog. Wow… This stuff is funny. and relatable. and I love it! This is good stuff!

So, if you haven’t already cheated (you know who you are) then I invite you to take a peek at my friend’s blog Sleepless In Autism. But first you might want to grab a cup of caffeine.

And to my friend… Great blogging heavily caffeinated mommy! Thanks for sharing your superhero lives with us!


2 responses to “Caffeine & Super Hero’s… What?

  1. Heavily Caffeinated Mommy says:

    Thank you for plugging the blog. I love what’s new in the zoo. I am following you too.

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