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That is a LOT of Baking Soda…

This is the kind of stuff makes my house the zoo…

I thought I might get some work done on the laptop today. Maybe edit a few pics, work on a blog post, catch up on Facebook, so I let the wild boys play with (gasp!) Play-doh. I hate Play-doh. For some reason, they receive a boat-load of the stuff at almost every birthday & Christmas. I hate it. It’s messy. It smells funny. But the boys love it & it will keep them entertained for a hour or more, which is like a small miracle, so I let them play with Play-doh. I got out all my fun kitchen utensils- rolling pin, pizza cutter, garlic press… set them up at the kitchen table & let them rip.

A little while later I suggested using a closed pen to trace letters in the Play-doh (educational fun, right?!). That was a bad idea. It reminded the boys of other things we had traced letters in… ah, the fun of homeschooling. Beans, rice, flour, shaving cream… what fun! When they spied the box of baking soda I had left out after tending to the little one’s morning sting from a dead bee (that is another story), they thought it looked like great fun. They decided to pour a little on a tray to trace their letters in. You can see the green tray in this pic…

Although, it does not appear to be in use by this time. This is only the beginning. They progressed from letters on a tray to letters on the table to letters on the floor & finally to SNOW ANGELS. I don’t know how they made that leap, but they did.

Here’s a little more of the damage…

The wildest part is that they did all of that in just 10 or 12 minutes. I gave them the tracing suggestion & ten minutes later they were sliding on the floor (covered from head to toe) & bringing the baking soda to the living room, where I was (you should have seen my face).

Yes. That is a LOT of baking soda.
There were 3 more boxes in a bag on the counter. When the bee sting happened, I was in a hurry & I grabbed the stash of baking soda that I keep for the pool.

It took much longer than 12 minutes to clean up. I think some of it is still settling & I am positive I will be wiping another dust layer off of everything tomorrow. It was a mess. A huge mess. But they had fun. Snow Angels in September! How mad could I be?

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