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Parental Rights?

I have been reading up on parental rights quite a bit these days. Lots of stories in the news. With the Senate looking to pass the UNCRC, I am concerned about my parental rights or, rather, lack thereof.

What falls under the umbrella of parental rights? Should you be able to feed your child whatever you like? Teach a child whatever you like? Dress a child however you like?

What about things that might endanger a child? What about letting your child swim with sharks? What about denying your child medical care? Where do your rights as a parent begin & end? & who decides?

I don’t know. I don’t have any easy answers. I would like to say that the parents should always have the right to parent as they choose, but then there are the extreme cases involving abuse, neglect, assault. Herein lies the problem… What you think of as good parenting, or even common sense parenting, may be completely different than what I think of as good parenting. So where do we draw that line?

In my opinion, the government should not have a role in parenting my child. The only role they should have is to protect children from severe physical abuse or neglect. I am appalled by the lack of rights in this country. If you think  parental rights are not an issue, you need to watch this. You’ll be surprised. Shocked, even. If you are, you can make a difference. You can let your legislators know that you care by clicking here.

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