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New Blog, New Name

I moved… You can now find me at http://www.justfindingmyniche.wordpress.com

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And so the journey begins…

And so the journey begins. To get Zakk a service dog. To raise $15,000! It seems like an insurmountable task. But I know that we can do it. In the weeks & months to come, there will be fundraisers, raffles, silent auctions, bake sales… You can follow the journey here, on ZakksDog.wordpress.com. You can check out our fundraising efforts here.
I hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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Caffeine & Super Hero’s… What?

So… another blog.

Blogs are a dime a dozen these days, I know.  Another one?  *sigh*  I can barely keep up with the 7, 349, 226 blogs I follow as it is.

BUT… there it was.  An invitation to “like” my friend’s new blog page on facebook. She is a friend, I figured I better take a look… Oh, You want to look too? Nope. You gotta read my blog first. (Don’t worry, it’s a short one).

I click on the facebook page & take a peek… a heavily caffeinated mommy, exhausted daddy and autism boy…interesting. With super powers… intriguing. I click on the link to her actual blog. Wow… This stuff is funny. and relatable. and I love it! This is good stuff!

So, if you haven’t already cheated (you know who you are) then I invite you to take a peek at my friend’s blog Sleepless In Autism. But first you might want to grab a cup of caffeine.

And to my friend… Great blogging heavily caffeinated mommy! Thanks for sharing your superhero lives with us!


The Zoo…

This is my blog. This is my zoo.

Here you will find an eclectic blend of the things I love: my husband, children & grandchildren, cooking, photography, homeschooling, homesteading, reading, movies and last on the list but first in my heart, God.

I am blessed to have a husband who faithfully goes to work everyday so that I can stay at home and homeschool my youngest children, 2 very active boys known as “Bun-bun” (shortened from the nickname Bunny) & “The Squirrel”. Life surely is crazy here, a true adventure every day.

I have entered a season of my life where I want to learn some new things. This years goal is a certain degree of mastery of digital slr photography. My list for years to come includes sewing, quilting, gardening & canning. So far.

Friends have said for years I needed a blog or a reality tv show. While I wouldn’t mind the reality show payroll or the celebrity billing, the blog was easier to get. I hope that it will delight you, encourage you and entertain you, and always- I hope that it will inspire a chuckle, for laughter is good for the soul!

-The Zookeeper